To My World of Contemporary Art

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About Me

My Background


My major at Stephens College was Fashion Design with a minor in Illustration.  Later, I obtained an Interior Design degree and worked throughout my career in both fields.  Along the way, I began painting and at some point,  traveled  beyond the traditional  shape of the canvas to incorporate several canvases, attached together with hardware, into one creation.

My Medium


I use  different mediums, including acrylics and watercolors.  My emphasis is on texture, which is in the form of modeling paste, glass, jewels and organic material.  

My Inspiration


I draw my inspiration from images that I visualize in my head. Many paintings evolve from "accidental" shapes when I randomly apply color to the canvas.  Nature plays a role in translating my creativity into artwork.  Lastly, my poetry takes on a life of its own and becomes a painting, as words become visual with the stroke of my brush, converted into an explosion of contemporary art.

My Blog